The Story of Jo’s

When the Jo’s Antiques building became available after the passing of its long time owner, Jo Campbell, Ark Ministries immediately saw its potential and purchased it. They recognized the old two-story building, which dates back to 1894, was a cornerstone of commerce and life in downtown Mount Pleasant, Texas. What better tribute to the building and its beloved namesake than to turn it into a new community gathering place. After hanging Edison lights, adding a fresh coat of paint, and going to every antique and flea market in a hundred mile radius, the eclectic vintage space was born.

As the new community center found its footing, relationships and faith were forged and a larger vision for the building was revealed, to bring people together from all walks of life and change the city forever. With that vision, Center Church formed at the top floor of Jo’s.

While in the planning stages for Center Church, three men gathered on a park bench asking God to show them a direction for the ministry path they would forge together. Far from coffee experts they were surprised when the answer was “Great Coffee”. Shortly after; the decorator for Jo’s Downtown, who used words like Doppio, Latte, and Americano approached the guys about chasing her dreams and turning the ground floor of Jo’s into a coffee shop.

Some people might call it a lightbulb moment, but they all knew this was a God thing. All the pieces fell into place quickly after that, with Center Church launching upstairs on March 1, 2015 and Jo’s Coffee Shop downstairs on April 11, 2015. They set up the coffee shop as a nonprofit with its proceeds going through Ark Ministries and back into the community through events that benefit local groups and individuals like Relay For Life, Communities in Schools, CASA, Back the Blue and Pancakes for a Cause. If there’s a need in the community, Jo’s wants to meet that need.

Jo’s is a neutral space for everyone. The vibe is all about life, love, coffee and community. It’s a peaceful refuge where you can take a deep breath and let go of the stress of the day. It’s the go-to place for people of all backgrounds to gather, make new friends, catch up with old ones, sip handcrafted brews and celebrate life. They come in, have a great cup of coffee and feel comfortable and welcomed with open arms. That’s the beauty in this place. It’s so much more than a cup of coffee. We believe our city will be changed by what God has begun in this building.

To Be Continued…

Jo's Downtown

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